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Uppsala 76a, no. 50 ff. 49v-50 »Adieu toute joyeuseté« 3v (unicum)

Adieu toute joyeuseté.
Adieu voz diz, fleur de liesse,
puisqu’il convient que je vous laisse,
celle que j’ay long temps aymee.
Adieu toute joyeuseté.

Tant qu’en ce monde je vivray,
d’elle j’auray la souvenance,
aultre n’arey, c’est ma plaisance,
ne jamais ne l’oublieray,
tant qu’en ce monde je vivray.

Farewell all happiness.
“Farewell” I say to you, flower of joy,
since I have to leave you,
the one who I have loved for long time.
Farewell all happiness.

As long as I live in this world
I shall remember her,
no other will I have, this is my wish,
and I will never ever forget her,
as long as I live in this world.

Entered by Hand C. The first stanza is laid under all three voices. The second stanza is placed in the space below the Altus part. A strophic song in the popular style, compare no. 33 »Adieu soulas«.