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The music manuscript Vokalmusik i Handskrift 76a in the University Library of Uppsala

A selection of music, secular and sacred, courtly and popular,

from a French musical manuscript dating from the beginning of the 16th century


Edited by Peter Woetmann Christoffersen



Anonymous, Quant je fuz prins au pavillon (no. 7)

Anonymous, En actendant la grace souvereine (no. 8*)

Anonymous, Benedicite domine nos (no. 11)

Anonymous, Ce que ma bouche n’ose dire (no. 17)

Anonymous, Helas madame (no. 26*)

Anonymous, Nuyt et jorn ne peult dormir (no. 29*)

Jacob Obrecht, Parce, Domine, populo tuo (no. 30)

Anonymous, Faulces Amors, Dieu vous maudie 4v (no. 32*)

Anonymous, Adieu Soulas [tous Plaisirs et Liesse] 4v (no. 33*)

Anonymous, Helas madame, “Duo” 3v [!] (no. 34*)

Antoine Riche [Divitis], Mon cueur est tant bien assis (no. 36*)

Anonymous, Pensez de faire garnison (no. 39)

Ninot le petit, Pourtant si mon amy n’a point de monnaye 4v ex 2v (no. 41*)

Anonymous, Dame, venez moy secourir 2v (no. 42*)

Antoine de Fevin, Je le lairray puisqu’il my bat (no. 43)

Anonymous, Adieu toute joyeuseté (no. 50*)

Alexander Agricola, Gardez vous bien de ce fauveau (no. 53*)

Anonymous, O quam glorifica luce coruscas (no. 54*)

Prioris, Dulcis amica dei 4v (no. 56)

Jehan Mire, O quam presul domine Nicolae (no. 57*)

Anonymous, Kirie – Langentibus in purgatorio 2v (no. 66*)

Anonymous, La gasquona 1v (no. 71*)

– most conpositions are for three voices; the ones marked * are unique;
the links in the titles above lead to pages for each composition,
which contain links to PDF-scores.