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The music manuscript Vokalmusik i Handskrift 76a in the University Library of Uppsala

A selection of music, secular and sacred, courtly and popular,

from a French musical manuscript dating from the beginning of the 16th century


Edited by Peter Woetmann Christoffersen



Anonymous, Quant je fuz prins au pavillon (no. 7*)

Anonymous, En actendant la grace souvereine (no. 8*)

Anonymous, Helas madame (no. 26*)

Anonymous, Nuyt et jorn ne peult dormir (no. 29*)

Jacob Obrecht, Parce, Domine, populo tuo (no. 30)

Anonymous, Faulces Amors, Dieu vous maudie 4v (no. 32*)

Anonymous, Adieu Soulas [tous Plaisirs et Liesse] 4v (no. 33*)

Anonymous, Helas madame, “Duo” 3v [!] (no. 34*)

Antoine Riche [Divitis], Mon cueur est tant bien assis (no. 36*)

Anonymous, Pensez de faire garnison (no. 39)

Ninot le petit, Pourtant si mon amy n’a point de monnaye 4v ex 2v (no. 41*)

Anonymous, Dame, venez moy secourir 2v (no. 42*)

Antoine de Fevin, Je le lairray puisqu’il my bat (no. 43)

Anonymous, Adieu toute joyeuseté (no. 50*)

Alexander Agricola, Gardez vous bien de ce fauveau (no. 53*)

Anonymous, O quam glorifica luce coruscas (no. 54*)

Prioris, Dulcis amica dei 4v (no. 56*)

Jehan Mire, O quam presul domine Nicolae (no. 57*)

Anonymous, Kirie – Langentibus in purgatorio 2v (no. 66*)

Anonymous, La gasquona 1v (no. 71*)

– most conpositions are for three voices; the ones marked * are unique;
the links in the titles above lead to pages for each composition,
which contain links to PDF-scores.